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  • Mahendra says:

    would appreciate to join and know more

  • Alemenia McLean says:

    Just sitting here 6 am mountain time thinking back a few months ago when i thought my life couldn’t get any better, but it has and it continues too. I want to thank you for the great work you continue to do and thinking of thoes that might miss out. Love ya lynn

  • lee howard says:

    Hi Natalie, thanks for the Email, i got it on Wednesday, thankyou so
    much, keep up the good work.


  • lee howard says:

    Hi Natalie, thanks for the Email, i got it on Wednesday, thank you so much, keep up the good work.


  • al callaway says:

    hope to be on monday

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Natalie,
    I just want to tell you that you have a beautiful smile and energy. Thanks for the wonderful work you’re doing and have a fabulous day too!

  • harikumar says:

    hello natalie thank you so much for your mails , really it inspire me a lot, hope to be on next time


  • Anemone says:

    Hello Natalie,
    Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing.I like to be on monday..Have a wonderful day ..

  • vijay narain tiwari says:

    honestly, you are doing wonderful job. keep it up, let all be aware for energy enhancing.
    well, what about me? Bless for spiritual life.

  • rajeev says:

    look forward to attend the webinar on 20th.

  • andreea says:

    Hi Natalie, thanks for mails and for your good words.

  • Haideh says:

    I am very sorry I missed the first one..And thank you so much for this reminder.But unfortunetly I don’t have voice on my computer.But I will go some where and get the Webinar.I am looking forward.Love Haideh

  • Kerry says:

    Thanks so much for the invite. I appreciate it and look forward to participating! Thanks for all the good you do!

  • REYNALDO says:

    Ihope to be on Monday, thanks for thr e-mail

  • isabel says:

    Hi natalie.I live in a remote place where there was a big flood that killed more than 5000 people in 1991. Ormoc City Philippines.I am still learning how to use this computer and I did not get any of your instructions.I believe in all this new age stuff but feel that when i start talking about it nobody understands me.My husband and i are into farming and want to learn more about going organic.There are so many people here who are going hungry but i dont really know what to do.My family has a 1000 hectare piece of land that has so many fruit bats that the sky turns black at dusk when they begin to fly.We were thinking of turning the land into a wildlife reserve but we don’t have the money to develop it.The property is under threat of land reform which is really not such a bad thing because we get paid and the land gets converted into agricultural land for the landless.However, I think it is a better idea to preserve the wildlife and hire the landless cos they don’t really want the land income to meet their needs. Help!

  • Iris Ejaz says:

    Hi Natalie,Thanks for the invite. Also thanking you for all you do, really appreciate all you do.
    Always look forwad to hearing from you. You really are an inspiration.

  • nitza says:

    I have these videos to a friend of mine that was having some difficult times and mentally was distraught and she is so happy to receive them because she said they helped her alot


    I love this, thanks for the great work you be doing. i dont want to miss out this engy event.


    I love you so much.

  • Engr. jedidiah Ezenwa says:

    I want to meet mr. Trivedi
    mr. Trivedi tech me I love u.

  • Zik Ukaeje says:

    My mind movie is working great. I’m actually manifesting what I have been seeing in my subconscious.

  • Zik Ukaeje says:

    Wow thanks guys, keep the info coming. And my regards to Mr. Trivedi.

  • Dorothy Corbett says:

    Hi Natalie
    Thankyou for the invitation to seminar and the 7 steps to happiness
    I am writing from Qld Australia and fortunate to have bought the works last year thanks
    Due to health issues have not put into practise any of the suggestions given as I am now having a team of OZ Care ladies daily to help with my needs.
    I have joined the mind movies for daily help too Thanks Dorro 17

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